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Our amazing guests include: Airdate/Guest

1.1 Kate Ullman, community organizer, co-founder L-Fund, activist
1.8 Margy Lesher, founder of Lesbian Connection (LC)
1.15 Julie Enszer, editor of Sinister Wisdom
1.22 Brian McNaught, LGBTQ diversity leader, author, activist
1.29 Berit Van Neste, lesbian lost custory of her when she was 6
2.5 Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Supervisor, political activist
2.12 Kelly Watson, recovery/aging LGBTQ community organizer
2.26 Andrea Meyerson, organizer, activist, entrepreneur
3.4 Lesléa Newman, author Hearther has Two Mommies and books
3.18 Col. Grethe Cammermeyer
3.25 Rabbi Lisa Edwards, Jewish leader and activist
4.1 Judge Rand Hoch, founded Palm Beach County Human Rights Council
4.8 Robin Tyler, comic and activist
4.22 Jorge Valencia, Executive Director, Point Foundation
4.29 Bonnie Morris, author and historian
5.6 Frieda Saraga, PFLAG mom and AIDS/Safer sex activist
5.13 Warren Blumenfeld, professor, researcher, historian
5.20. Rev. Jamie Washiington, social justice educator and consultant
6.3 Adriaan Van Den Berg, South African activist and community organizer
6.10 Aleksa Manila, Award winning Drag performer
6.17 Lisa Middleton, transgeneer politican and activist
7.8  Joy Silver, housing and political activist
7.15 Lillian Faderman, author and historian
7.22 Torie Osborn, LGBTQ leader and activist
8.12 Karen Williams, commediane and educator
8.26 Nadine Smith, Executive Dirctor, Equality Florida
9.2 Vernon Wall, higher education social justice activist
9.16 John D'Emilio, professor, author, historian
9.30 Robyn Oches, Bisexual activist and author/editor of Bi Women Quarterly
10.7 Jackie Mendelson, LGBTQ and AIDS activist
10.21 Debin Smith, retired high school principal
10.28 Mark McNeese, LGBTQ Elders activist and podcaster
11.18 Ruthie Berman, LGBTQ Elders activist
11.25 Esther Newton, author and anthropologist
12.9 Kate Johnston, Filmmaker and playwright
12.16 Billy Curtis, LGBTQ Center, UC Berkeley
12.23 Major General Tammy Smith

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