You can donate and set up recurring payments at the link below. This is a registered 501C3. 
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My fiscal sponsor is Strait Knot Productions: 

All donations cover the expenses for the newsletter, graphics, website, and event supplies. All my 2023 expenses have been covered, thank you.

The Magic of Connections.

Most of us are happier, healthier, and more resilient when we feel liket we belong and we feel connected to others and a community. Our goal at Lesbians PSandCV is not only to create events and outings for lesbians to connect but also to facilitate connections with other lesbian organizations, lesbian artists, lesbian businesses, and lesbian community resources. The more we are there for each other, and the more we amplify our voices, the stronger we all are. Our connections have been our strength and key to survival.  

2024 Budget

Event Supplies                      200
Website                                   600
Meetup Site                            500
Newsletter and Graphics    800
Zoom                                        200
Total                                     $2300