Save the date - Car Caravan to Los Algodones, Mexico, Oct 24th. 7:00 am departure.

Algodones Road Trip

Once or twice a year, I go down to Algodones for medications, a cooler full of shrimp, lunch, and a little shopping. We park on the US side and walk 100 feet across the border, where the nearest pharmacy and dental shop are within 50 feet. Algodones has 50+ dental offices, dozens of pharmacies, eyeglasses and hearing aid offices.  People ask if they can come with me on their 1st trip. This is that opportunity

The shopping area is extremely safe. I have been going for 20 years and have never heard of robbery or any type of incident. Nor have I ever gotten sick. There are blocks of Mexican pottery, sculptures, blankets, etc. We can have shrimp tacos at Lupitas or a sit-down lunch.

If you want to come to explore, sign up, and we can carpool and caravan down. We take the 10 to 86S and then down to 8 and turn it off just before Yuma. Drive is 2.5 to 3 hours. Usually very light traffic. Stop at the Red Earth Casino beside the Salton Sea for cheap gas and the rest area in the Algodones dunes just before we exit to the border. We will stop in Westmoreland for gas and date shakes on the way back, as well as restrooms. We usually get back late afternoon,

There is lots to see, the Salton Sea to the left, the dunes of Algodones are stunning, and we pass the Center of the World on the way back. I need you also to sign a waiver if you want to come. Happy to show you around, so you know the ropes if you want to return in the future.

You need your passport or driver’s license and birth certificate to walk back across the border into the US. And you must be fully vaccinated.